Steve Midgley – God Redeems Family (#CCEF17 Main Session 7)

Steve Midgley gave the last message at the CCEF conference regarding how God redeems family.  Perhaps this year’s CCEF conference has brought back bad memories of conflicts, divorce, abuse, distrust, or feuds.  It is true that family life is under threat.  So what hope do we have?  Steve suggested that instead of gazing back on… Read More »

Julie Lowe – Nurturing Families (#CCEF17 Main Session 4)

Julie Lowe opened the day with a session challenging us on how we nurture relationships.  We should desire flourishing in our relationships and conversations.  There are no ordinary people.  Each person we encounter has a soul and eternal destiny.  How do we give without expectations and strings attached?  How do we have the mind of Christ… Read More »

Jayne Clark – Every Single Family Member (#CCEF17 Main Session 3)

Jayne Clark gave an encouraging message on how we should view singleness.  Singleness is a universal experience and how we view singleness is important because it effects how we treat singles.  Being single does not mean that you are broken because you are single.  That is a lie that has done a lot of damage. … Read More »

David Powlison – Familial By Design (#CCEF17 Main Session 1)

David Powlison set the stage for the CCEF 2017 Conference on the topic of family. He asked us how we can embrace the blessing of family and face the brokenness without becoming either idolatrous or depressed. In life there are really high joys and really low valleys. For example, Powlison shared how his daughter gave… Read More »

CCEF 2017: Family – Main Session Summaries

For those of you who missed #CCEF17, or this year’s Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation Conference, below are summaries of the main sessions. This year’s theme was “Family: Embracing the Blessing, Facing the Brokenness.” I hope these concise summaries will be a blessing to you.  You can also purchase the conference audio here.  There were a bunch of really good… Read More »

Praying for the Grace of Repentance

Recently I was amazed at our persecuted brothers and sisters in Egypt who were praying for the evildoers that sought to murder them. These Christians understood that evildoers can take their life but not their living hope in Christ Jesus (, ). One persecuted leader, Fr. Boules George, explained that his prayer for his enemies was in faithful obedience to scripture.… Read More »