A Peacemaker’s Pleasure and Power

Where does a Peacemaker Find the Power to Persevere in Conflict? Answer: Through Complete Dependence on Jesus. What motivates you on a day to day basis? Jesus said, “My food is to do the will of him who sent me and to accomplish his work” (). What would it look like if God’s glory was… Read More »

My Confidence in God on Behalf of You

Paul was gushing with confidence in God’s ability to complete his work in his fellow Christians. In Paul’s letter to the saints in Philippi, he says this: “And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.” – . Paul was sure of… Read More »

Are You a Safe Person?

As Christ followers, we should be striving to cultivate safe places in our relationships for the glory of God. If you have been hurt by a brother or sister in Christ before, you recognize that is not the way relationships were meant to work! Christian community “should” be a place of safety. Do people feel safe with you? Do they risk being real with you? Do people confide… Read More »

Drop The Mask: Be Vulnerable

How often do you wear a mask? Does anyone know the real you? To be a good friend, it requires us to be vulnerable. Intimacy doesn’t just happen. It requires revelation. Just as we can have a relationship with God because he reveals himself to us, self-revelation is a prerequisite for intimacy in our close relationships. Ever… Read More »

Faith Fuels Love

When you run out of human love, what do you do? I suggest that you ask God for more faith. Our cry should be: “I believe, help my unbelief.” (, .) Faith and love are necessarily connected. The Christian life is “faith working through love.” (.) You won’t be able to love without faith in a… Read More »

2014 Peacemaker Conference – Pastor Brady Boyd: Lessons Learned

<Missed the 2014 Peacemaker Conference?  Get summaries of the 2014 Peacemaker Conference Speakers here!> Pastor Brady Boyd, the Pastor at New Life Church in Colorado Springs shared his experience with the power of God in peacemaking. He encouraged us from , reminding us that God blesses those who work for peace. Seven years ago, God called Pastor Brady from… Read More »

2014 Peacemaker Conference: Jason Meyer – The Greatness of Weakness

<Missed the 2014 Peacemaker Conference?  Get summaries of the 2014 Peacemaker Conference Speakers here!> Pastor Jason Meyer, from Bethlehem Baptist Church, gave the opening message at the 2014 Peacemaker Conference. He challenged us to embrace a theology of weakness. We glorify God by declaring his sufficiency for us in our weakness. Often we have the wrong impression of… Read More »

2014 Peacemaker Conference Keynote Summaries and Reflections

For those of you who missed the 2014 Peacemaker Conference, I have put up summaries and reflections of each Keynote Address.  My intent was to be concise but allow you to get a short summary of what was taught. Dr. Jason Meyer: The Greatness of Weakness  Dr. Gary Hoag: Peacemaking – A New Testament Perspective Pastor Brady Boyd: Lessons… Read More »

What Can I Do About Loneliness?

Satan knows when we are weak. He loves to tempt us when we are hungry, angry, lonely, and tired. Take hunger for example: Satan came to tempt Jesus after he fasted 40 days in the wilderness. But thankfully, Jesus resisted temptation and serves as our example of how to trust and depend on our heavenly Father. Hungry, Angry, Lonely, or… Read More »