CCEF 2017: Family – Main Session Summaries

By | October 12, 2017

For those of you who missed #CCEF17, or this year’s Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation Conference, below are summaries of the main sessions. This year’s theme was “Family: Embracing the Blessing, Facing the Brokenness.” I hope these concise summaries will be a blessing to you.  You can also purchase the conference audio here.  There were a bunch of really good break out sessions on topics such as the impact of divorce on kids and dealing with angry teens, which can be purchased individually, in case you didn’t want to purchase the whole conference audio package.

David Powlison – General Session 1 – Familial By Design
“You are defined by relationship with the living God.” – David Powlison

Alasdair Groves – General Session 2 – Shaking Up the Family Tree: God Does the Unexpected
“God’s family has room for you, no matter what.” – Alasdair Groves

Jayne Clark – General Session 3 – Every Single Family Member
“For one thing, it has prompted me to cultivate companionship with the Lord.” – Jayne Clark

Julie Lowe – General Session 4 – Nurturing Family
“What God has asked of you and I, can not be accomplished by sheer grit or human determination.” – Julie Lowe

Ste Casey – General Session 5 – Families Helping People in Crisis
“Grace is undeserving people receiving from an unobligated giver an unbelievable welcome and gift.” – Ste Casey

Ed Welch – General Session 6 – Now and Then: The Returns of Family
“We move to a new family with a new shepherd.  It tells a story that is louder, that dominates.” – Ed Welch

Steve Midgley – General Session 7 – God Redeems Family
“A family is coming that surpasses everything that we had ever known.” – Steve Midgley

< Note: I skipped doing a summary for the panel discussion on adoption.  But purchase the audio if that interests you.  It was good. >