Christian Mediation Services

In mediation, parties in conflict control the outcome of the mediation while the mediator serves the parties by encouraging them to resolve any issues they want addressed. In Christian mediation, the parties are encouraged to address heart or relational issues (such as anger) as well as substantive issues (such as what to do with the car). Parties are also encouraged to do the tough thing and “get the log out of their own eye” and see how they personally contributed to a conflict. Confession in a safe environment brings healing, freedom, and hope.

If you would like a mediator that follows the rules of procedure set up by the Institute for Christian Conciliation, Peter would be glad to be your mediator. Peter often conducts mediations from his office in Virginia Beach, but may be willing to travel to conduct a mediation. Peter is a Certified Christian Conciliator™ with the Institute for Christian Conciliation™, a division of Peacemaker® Ministries.

God’s word offers guidance for the storms of life. If you would like a listening ear and Biblical counsel for your particular conflict, please call to schedule a free consultation. (757) 932-5567.